Digital Art: The Grid Art Game!

Have anything you made? Show us your creations here! *Whispers* No explicit content, please! You can also create a commission shop by making artwork in exchange for forum points! That would be ONE way to use them! :D
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Digital Art: The Grid Art Game!


Unread post by Tiger21820 MASTER!! »

Form a picture by filling in each cell with anything you want!

The rules are:

You may not submit another cell until 5 other members have submitted a cell after yours! That way, the game will last longer, and everyone has a shot at it!
Each cell MUST connect with each other! We're making a single large picture here, not 100 tiny ones!
You may not edit an already filled cell, nor blank any out, even if it was your own!
You may not delete an attachment until a new one is submitted!
Submit the new image in PNG format!
The one to fill in the last cell gets 2,000,000,000 forum points!

If you want to keep up on Gaming Latest's progress of the grid art game, go here (And register!): ... nd.111960/

All right, let's see what you got!
Grid Art Game.png
HEY! You cannot view this file! But there might be other files that you can view though!
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