Differences between the NES and Game Boy versions of Hook

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Differences between the NES and Game Boy versions of Hook


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The Game Boy version of Hook is a straight up port of the NES version, and there are quite a few differences between the two! This topic will list most of the differences between the two!

General Differences:
  • The title screen in the NES version has Tinkerbell (Who will be referred as Tink for the remainder of this topic) flying around with Captain Hook's (Who will be referred as Hook for the remainder of this topic) eyes following her, and the Game Boy version's Title Screen is static
  • Tink's messages will not automatically dismiss themselves in the NES version, but in the Game Boy version, they will dismiss themselves if no buttons are pressed after several seconds
  • The Map Screen has Peter Pan (Who will be referred as Pan for the remainder of this topic) as the map cursor in the NES version, while the Game Boy version uses an X as the cursor
  • Unfinished levels on the NES Map Screen are denoted as small Xs while on the Game Boy version, they are white squares; Finished levels on the NES version are denoted as white squares, and on the Game Boy version, they are black boxes
More soon!
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