This is a sad time for Gamining Reinvented & Nintendo 3DS Central (This is old and irrelevant!)

Updates with Gaming Reinvented, it's future, and a small update with Nintendo 3DS Central (This is old and irrelevant!)

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This is a sad time for Gamining Reinvented & Nintendo 3DS Central (This is old and irrelevant!)


Unread post by Tiger21820 MASTER!! »

The following post is a blog that has been deleted, but is being kept for archival purposes, and no longer has relevance to the community today:

This blog was posted on April 5th, 2021, 19:46

While I have been promoted to Administrator on the Gaming Reinvented Discord Server, and Manager on Gaming Latest, it pains me VERY hard to say that our beloved Founder of Gaming Reinvented (whom I have known online since the days of DSUltimate in 2008), CM30 will be stepping down from staff at the Discord Server, and possibly from the community for good... I have so much pain in my heart about the whole thing, and I hope that one day that he will return to the community, but with what's been happening, that may not seem likely...

I may demote CM30 from Co-Administrator (I'll ask him first), but make him a NDSCentral Veteran (even though he was never a member there, but he means a lot to me, and I am sad, so shut up), and an Honorary Member...

Hope everyone's had a good Easter, and staying safe and healthy! Until next time!
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