New extention, and smilies!

Mention users with @ or [mention]!

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Fire & Ice New extention, and smilies!


Unread post by Tiger21820 MASTER!! »

Aside from updating a couple extensions, the new one allows you to mention anyone by either by typing @, typing a username, then selecting the name to apply the [mention] BBCode tags!

The members used in those BBCodes will receive a notification!

If you cannot mention anyone with @, then just select the Mention BBCode in the posting box, or just use the [mention] tag!

And as with the new smilies, here they are!

:marioyoshi1 :marioyoshi2 :boomboom1 :boomboom2 :boomerangbro1 :captiancoin :capsyrup1 :dk3 :dk4 :dedede3 :ganon1 :hammerbro2 :iggy1 :killer8 :larry1 :ludwid1 :luigi12 :metaknight2 :mario19 :magikoopa1 :morton2 :munchers2 :onox1 :pacman3 :roykoopa1 :tetris4 :vaati1 :vaati2 :wendy1 :yoshi5 :jpumpkinp
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Re: New extention, and smilies!


Unread post by YoshiPikachuPlayer »

Hi, i just got mentioned by you, but anyhow, those are nice smilies, i like those Yoshi's Island ones, i also like The Meta Knight one, that one was good, that's all i gotta say, thank you for it.
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