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Have anything you made? Show us your creations here! *Whispers* No explicit content, please! You can also create a commission shop by making artwork in exchange for forum points! That would be ONE way to use them! :D
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Keep this PG-13! Follow the shop guidelines!
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Creation forum commission shop rules


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These are the rules for commission shops in the Creations forum:

1. Commission shops will use forum points as a currency! Please do not use actual money to trade for commissions here on Nintendo 3DS Central! Off-site commissions for money are fine, but please no trading here on the forums for now! This may change in the future depending on how this can work!

2. All commission shops that deal in NSFW, explicit, hateful, unsafe or anything else related will be closed and users will be warned!

3. Once someone gives you points, then you are expected to fulfill the requested commission! If you paid points and are still refused any commission, report the first post of the commission shop (providing solid evidence of the point transfer), and you will be refunded all your points provided that your report was made in good faith! If you make a report in bad faith (e.g. commission was made, and you decided to be a jerk and report it anyway), your report will be closed and you will be warned!

4. When transferring points, please include a description in the transfer so it is easier for those to know about the commission!

5. Only one topic per user please!

6. If you are inactive for a considerable amount of time, your topic will be closed due to inactivity! If you want your topic reopened, either PM me, another Administrator, a Co-Administrator, a Moderator, or report the first post of your topic!

5. Don't forget to read the forum rules and be respectful! :victory
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