, Bulbapedia, and The Cutting Room Floor

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United States of America, Bulbapedia, and The Cutting Room Floor


Post by Tiger21820 » October 15th, 2019, 11:49

The Cutting Room Floor: A wiki documenting all kinds of things related to unused content, beta content, regional and revisional differences, prototypes and more! There is also quite a bit of wittiness there too! It's the best place for video game archeology, and anyone who registers (for free by the way) can edit it! One of the best websites (only second to Bulbapedia) for Pokémon! It is also the easiest way to find out when any online battle competitions and event distributions are about to occur! If you are a Pokémaniac and have OCD about never missing a distribution, then this a must bookmark website!

If you prefer a WAY more in-depth (and I mean IN-FREAKIN-DEPTH!!), then I would recommend Bulbapedia!

Remember that there are many things that covers, and Bulbapedia does not, so BOTH websites are HIGHLY recommended!
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