Wario hacking project links!

Discuss hacking various Wario games here!
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Wario hacking project links!


Post by Tiger21820 »

Aside from the Master Quest, here are a few links to other projects related to Wario ROM hacking!

These are from Wario Forums! Join them if you love Wario! :wario1 :wario3 :wario4

Wario Land 3 Project from 2014:
https://warioforums.com/threads/dead-wa ... oject.442/

Wario Land 4 2 by MarioSpore:

Wario Land 4 Level Editor Wario Forums topic by shinespeciall:
https://warioforums.com/threads/a-new-p ... ting.2981/

Wario Land 4 Level Editor GitHub repository by Goldensunboy:

Wario Land 3 ROM hack with LUA:
https://warioforums.com/threads/wario-l ... vour.3697/

And just because, here is the Wario Forums topic for Wario Land 3 The Master Quest:
https://warioforums.com/threads/develop ... uest.2524/
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