New game submissions and guidelines

Share your Wii U high scores, best times, and records here! For currently unlisted games, post them the "New game submissions and guidelines" topic! Only Administrators may post topics here!
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New game submissions and guidelines


Post by Tiger21820 »

If there is a game currently not on the list, then post the game and your records in this thread! After that, post anymore records in their respective threads, and I will update the first post with your record and your name! Be sure to specify any extra details about the record, and specify the mode! Remember to only post a game from the system that this forum is name after! If a game uses multiple systems, it SHOULD (but doesn't HAVE to) be posted in the 'General Video Game Record' forum's 'New game submissions and guidelines' topic!

Also, as a general rule, please don't post anything but records in this forum! Anything that is not a record will be trashed! Remember that there are plenty of forums for general discussion of these games! :thumbsup

The system for this forum is: Nintendo Wii U
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