What I would like to see in a Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons and Ages Switch remake

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What I would like to see in a Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons and Ages Switch remake


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Since at the time of this post, I am replaying the Oracle games (my hacked versions), and I was thinking that since they remade Link's Awakening, there may be a day that a remake of Seasons and Ages will be made!

This is a list of things that I would like to see in such a remake:

1. The 2 games on one game card
2. The ability to transfer items exclusive from one game, to the other, even if they don't make use or since in the other game
3. The ability to have ALL 3 animal flutes in one save file
4. The dungeon creator, with the ability to transfer rooms from one game to the other, or as a standalone feature where each room from both games can be used
5. The ability to make CUSTOM ROOMS in the dungeon creator!
6. The ability to transfer and use already unlocked rooms, enemies, and music from Link's Awakening's dungeon creator provided you have a save file from that game into the Oracle dungeon creator
7. Amiibo support
8. The ability to unlock extra content by having a Link's Awakening save file including but not limited to: Items, and the tunics (There is a red and blue ring in oracles, but still!)
9. All the ring's abilities that were broken in the original games fixed in the remakes and will work as intended!
10. 4 to 8 save files, since there isn't enough to have both the original and hero runs on one game pack

What other things would you want to see in a remake of these games? Do you agree, or disagree with some, or all of things in this list? Let me know!
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