Warning: Anyone who makes toxic posts to anyone who talks about Pokémon Sword & Shield will be banned!

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Warning: Anyone who makes toxic posts to anyone who talks about Pokémon Sword & Shield will be banned!


Unread post by Tiger21820 MASTER!! »

I get it! Over 470 Pokémon will not be in the new games! This isn't a very good way to start a new generation!

There will be people who will love the games, and there will be those who will hate them!

But there have been MANY, MANY unacceptable responses to the companies and even to those who have no affiliation to the games! (Including death threats!)

Here's how things are going to roll here:

Criticism is perfectly OK here! If you have something you don't like about the new games, then post what you think! Make your voice heard!

But the ONE THING WE WILL NOT TOLORATE here on Nintendo 3DS Central are those who are disrespectful and leave hateful, and TOXIC replies about someone's thoughts on the games whether they like it or not! READ THE RULES! (SPECIFICALLY RULE 2!)

Nintendo 3DS Central is a FRIENDLY community, and being respectful is one of the key points! We will never EVER be a toxic community!

If anyone is disrespectful to ANYONE ELSE here and leaves hateful comments regarding Pokémon Sword & Shield, they will be banned for NO LESS THAN 1 MONTH! NO WARNINGS WILL BE ISSUED!

I hope this is clear to you, and we should respect everyone's opinions, especially for the controversy of Pokémon Sword & Shield!
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